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Mechanical Hydraulics (Level 2)

Qualification name:

Certificate II in Automotive Mechanical.

The nominal term for a mechanical hydraulics (level 2) traineeship is:

12 months.

What does a mechanical hydraulics (level 2)trainee do?

  • applies basic automotive troubleshooting to inspect, service and repair a variety of hydraulic and suspension systems
  • inspects and services steering systems
  • contributes to a safe workplace by working safely, observing occupational health and safety requirements, manual handling methods and protection of the environment
  • conducts heating and thermal cutting
  • uses and maintains tools and equipment
  • selects and use bearings seals and gaskets.

What attributes will I need?

  • interested in practical and manual work
  • good with hands
  • aptitude for mechanical work
  • problem-solving skills.

What working conditions could I expect?

Mechanical hydraulics trainees usually work in specialised workshops. They may specialise in the installation, repair and servicing of passenger cars, trucks, buses and coaches, and other heavy vehicles. They may also work for motor vehicle dealers, authorities concerned with defence, communications, energy supply, the minerals industry, public works and transport, and private firms with large fleets of vehicles. Some automotive mechanical fitters establish their own businesses.

Page last updated 19 January 2011

Mechanical Hydraulics (Level 2)