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Community Services (Aged Care Worker) (Level 3)

What does an aged care worker do?

Aged care workers provide support services to elderly people.

Aged care workers may assist with personal care duties, such as showering, dressing and feeding, general household tasks or taking clients on outings.

What attributes will I need?

An aged care worker needs:

  • a caring supportive nature
  • able to work as part of a team
  • good interpersonal skills
  • a non-judgmental attitude
  • patience and understanding.

What working conditions could I expect?

Aged care workers can work in a variety of settings including client’s homes, community service establishments or nursing homes. The work can be physically demanding.

How do I become an aged care worker trainee?

A federal police clearance is required in most community services agencies.

If you are still at school

You may be able to start a community service traineeship which may lead to the aged care traineeship, through Training in Schools. You can begin in Years 11 and 12 at the same time as completing your Western Australian Certificate of Education. Speak to your school’s Vocational Education and Training coordinator to find out more.

If you have left school

You can be employed as a aged care trainee and get paid while you work and train. Check out ‘become an apprentice or trainee’ to find out more.

How long will a traineeship take?

A full-time aged care worker traineeship (Certificate III) takes one year, however under the competency based system, trainees may be able to qualify sooner if they can show they have the skills to do the job. An aged care worker traineeship can also be done part-time.

How much can an aged care worker trainee expect to earn?

The minimum weekly rate of pay outlined below applies to award free trainees only.
The starting salaries for trainees:

  • one year out of school $325
  • 21 years or older $434.

If you are an existing worker you will maintain your current salary during your traineeship.

Page last updated 08 November 2011

Community Services (Aged Care Work) (Level 3)