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Completing an apprenticeship or traineeship

Congratulations if you are ready to be qualified.

You will be ready to complete your training when you have:

  • completed all on and off the job training
  • achieved competency in all the units as outlined in your contract.

If you can show competency in all the units, you may even finish early – a great achievement for you and your employer! You can discuss the option of early completion with your employer or contact your Industry Specialist at ApprentiCentre on 13 19 54.

Issuing qualifications and Trade Certificates

Your registered training organisation will send your qualification.

ApprentiCentre will also issue a trade certificate for apprentices who started their apprenticeship prior to 10 June 2009 once notified by the registered training organisation.

Find out more:
T: 13 19 54

Completing your apprenticeship or traineeship